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Central Virginia MOAA

Central Virginia MOAA
Central Virginia MOAA Central Virginia MOAA
VA Suicide Rates

VA Releases Suicide Data by State High rates of veteran suicides have been an alarming source of...
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Central Virginia MOAA
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    Elected Officers:
    John Swartzwelder, Jr. USAF Capt Former
    Telephone: 434.973.7103
    Email: president@cvmoaa.org
    1st Vice President, Secretary & Past President
    William Adams USAF Col Ret.
    Telephone: 434.245.1728
    Email: 1vp@cvmoaa.org
    2nd Vice President
    Carl Huebner USAF Col Ret.
    Telephone: 434.971.1390
    Email: 2vp@cvmoaa.org
    3rd Vice President
    Position Vacant

    Pam Batchellor USN CDR Ret.
    Telephone: 434.589.3789
    Email: treasurer@cvmoaa.org
    Director 1, Membership Chair
    John Baker USA COL Ret.
    Telephone: 703.472.7953
    Email: membership@cvmoaa.org
    Director 3
    Daniel Dick USAF MajGen Ret.
    Telephone: 434.202.0776
    Email: director3@cvmoaa.org
    Director 4, Programs Chair
    Cliff Erickson USN CAPT Reserve
    Telephone: 434.249.4528
    Email: programs@cvmoaa.org
    Director 5
    Michael McKee USA CPT Ret.
    Telephone: 4349750251
    Email: director5@cvmoaa.org
    Director 6
    Dorothy Richards Mrs
    Telephone: 434.973.5713
    Email: director7@cvmoaa.org
    Director 7
    Maurie Roesch III USMC Col Ret.
    Telephone: 434.202.8045
    Email: director8@cvmoaa.org
    Director 8
    Henry Shelton USA COL Ret.
    Telephone: 434.295.8145
    Email: director9@cvmoaa.org
    Director 9, Legislative Chair
    Patricia Capps USAF CAPT Former
    Telephone: 434.589.6818
    Email: legislative@cvmoaa.org
    Appointed Officer:
    Vir. Council Chapter Representative
    John Down USAF Lt Col
    Telephone: 434.286.8878
    Email: vcocrep@cvmoaa.org
Central Virginia MOAA
Central Virginia MOAA
Central Virginia MOAA
Central Virginia MOAA

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