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Central Virginia MOAA

Central Virginia MOAA
Central Virginia MOAA Central Virginia MOAA
USO -- For the Troops

Don’t Miss the TV Premiere of ‘USO – For The Troops’ on PBS Made...
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Central Virginia MOAA
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    Elected Officers:
    John Swartzwelder, Jr. USAF Capt Former
    Telephone: 434.973.7103
    Email: president@cvmoaa.org
    1st Vice President & Past President
    William Adams USAF Col Ret.
    Telephone: 434.245.1728
    Email: 1vp@cvmoaa.org
    2nd Vice President
    Carl Huebner USAF Col Ret.
    Telephone: 434.971.1390
    Email: 2vp@cvmoaa.org
    3rd Vice President
    Position Vacant
    Pam Batchellor USN CDR Ret.
    Telephone: 434.589.3789
    Email: treasurer@cvmoaa.org
    David Hilty USN CAPT Ret.
    Telephone: 434.328.2323
    Email: secretary@cvmoaa.org
    Legislative Chair
    Patricia Capps USAF CAPT Former
    Telephone: 434.589.6818
    Email: legislative@cvmoaa.org
    Virginia Council of Chapters Representative
    John Down USAF Lt Col
    Telephone: 434.286.8878
    Email: vcocrep@cvmoaa.org
    Programs Chair
    Cliff Erickson USN CAPT Reserve
    Telephone: 434.249.4528
    Email: programs@cvmoaa.org
    Membership Chair
    Maurie Roesch III USMC Col Ret.
    Telephone: 434.202.8045
    Email: membership@cvmoaa.org
    Michael McKee USA CPT Ret.
    Telephone: 434.975.0251
    Email: director5@cvmoaa.org
    Henry Shelton USA COL Ret.
    Telephone: 434.295.8145
    Email: director9@cvmoaa.org
    Robert Tofferi USA LTC
    Telephone: 434.964.1149
    Email: Tofferi@aol.com
Central Virginia MOAA
Central Virginia MOAA
Central Virginia MOAA
Central Virginia MOAA

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